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Who centers whom? People vs Phones



As researches show, human needs in being noticed and being in the centre of events are met by personalized applications. Why Facebook or Instagram are so popular? They allow users to put own life scenery in the newsfeed and, as a result, likes, comments and shares give the feeling of being noticed and needed. Innovative Tilt is an open crowdfunding project designed for raising money for any occasion from a birthday party to starting own business. Evidently, the project turns to be a huge success as the individual and his needs are in the centre of attention.

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In order to compete business will evolve to virtual environment to provide services with the use of phone applications. No wonder there is strong competition in smartphone production and it is even fiercer in innovative application programming. Out of many reasons, one stands out: smartphones are focused and centralized on person’s needs and desires. Phones are to become ultimate personal assistants and knowledge navigators.

Be part of
something bigger

Second main reason is being part of someone’s life. Following blogs, “getting” in the head, life and decision-making process of the writer as well as sharing his ideas is to be a part of something bigger. Furthermore, variety of applications divided by interests brings people together to discuss what is important for them. The idea of sharing own experiences is easier and in one's own reach, right there at hand. Obviously, with the help of such apps individuals can achieve personal significance in certain communities. In other words, a need of communication and proof of personal importance is provided by personal phones and its applications.

Why phone is like
your right hand

Smartphones are also programmed to be an outstanding assistant in daily activities. The phone is not only individually personalized, but also life control oriented. As humanity is closer to take a responsibility of its actions, personal phone innovations allow taking one's own activities under control along with activities of family members and friends. For instance, the interest of controlling the diet and eating healthy, smartphones together with additional devices can supply person with information of what is in the meal. Scan-stick scans the food and sends information to the smartphone with the ingredients and their quantity; amount of calories and accordingly provides with group of exercises to burn them. Smartcup will determine a consistency of vitamins and other substances in the beverage. People suffering from diabetes programme their phones to control their blood sugar and remind when the medicine should be taken.

Gather everyone
to a safe circle

Similarly, to be always up-to-date with who, what, where and why, Swarm, Life360 or other applications provide with information of friend’s or relative’s recent activities. And when it comes to controlling the four-legged loved ones, technologies make a move. Ukrainian young innovative team created PetCube – a remote wireless pet camera. Combination of home installed camera and smartphone application allows pet owners to watch, talk and play with their pets from a distance, no matter where they are. To take another example, not new, but still improving, is the SmartHome technology when whole house is connected to the smartphone and is under owner surveillance twenty-four-seven. Hot bathtub, fresh coffee and light switches are all in the smartphone and finger-display distance.

To sum up, while being personal assistant of owner’s everyday life, smartphones also control health, time and other activities in any sphere. Additionally, with new technologies and innovative applications smartphones fulfill individual needs of communication and can raise owner’s self-esteem. And, if it is a reality now, there is a lot to expect from the smartphone in the future.

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