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Big Data is multi-faceted statistical tool with variety of ways to be implemented. What makes Big Data so special? It says: “I know your customers better than you. I know what they think!”

See through client’s eyes

Big Data provides with 360-degree view on customers: their habits, preferences, needs and even opinions. When gathered and analysed this information, the general customer transforms into an individual with basic satisfiable needs. And that’s how client has to be treated to create or maintain long-term partnership.

Website visitor –
your new customer?

Number of companies already use the opportunities that Big Data offers to transform random website visitors into new clients. Any time a potential customer enters the website, company already obtains the information on what user is looking for, which page he spends most time on and what captures his interest. Adding to this data personal contact like e-mail or phone number can shift passive page surfing into an active two-way conversation. Client support team can initiate conversation and connect to the potential client personally, creating high quality basis for future cooperation. Simultaneously, client service changes to individual level of communication. Using Big Data you will know what person is looking for before he or she enters your website.

Predict the needs

One of the good examples is the American insurance company Progressive. When potential customer sends a request into any search engine for an insurance company, appears in the top 5 in the search list. And this is were Bid Data technologies are already in process. The main page of the website will give quick description of the services they have to offer based on type of insurance you are looking for, whether it’s a house or car insurance. In case if you have a motorcycle, Progressive’s main page will show a banner “The #1 bike insurer, with rates as low as $75”, won’t it bring more attention than any other banners? This way the company’s website is able to offer the solution before the user even types the problem.

Seeing in the root
of the problem

Intel developed the system Reducing Client Incidents through Big Data Predictive Analytics. In soft- and hardware industry users do not usually choose an option to inform support staff about occurred incidents. There are several reasons for this, such as disappointing previous experience or time-consuming procedure. Moreover, the data recorded about these incidents is typically subjective since it comes from users and support staff. All these obstacles make it difficult to see and determine the pattern, and eventually, solve the problem. In order to improve clients experience Intel started to use and analyse Big Data. Intel developed a system, combining information flow of how machine operates and users respond. Mixture of both, Voice of Machine and Voice of the Customer, gives objective information about the incident and allows seeing in the root of the problem. For Intel IT, the ability to predict client incidents potentially means a 20 percent reduction in the current baseline.

Personalized shopping
by Amazon

Amazon is stated as the best company at personalization. What is the secret? Amazon created a system to predict users wishes based on their history, wish list and what other similar users have bought or viewed in order to laboriously customize the customer browsing experience. And most of the customers worldwide have found this service helpful, as predictions are highly accurate. So Amazon goes even further. Using the capabilities of Big Data, they developed and obtained the patent for Anticipatory Shipping. With this concept Amazon is able to predict consumer behaviour, knowing beforehand who will order what and when. Amazon intends to start shipping the products before customer actually places the order. Company takes predictions based on Big Data analytics to a personal level, predicting the items user might buy.

Personalization trend
is not something new

Particular services have been lost in industrialization era when product and service providers produced a variety of samples of the same product and distributed it worldwide. Lady in local bakery knows her clients’ preferences and habits; waiter in coffee shop prepares morning coffee every morning and knows in face most of her customers – who prefer white or black coffee. They all know what client wants and make their service easy and pleasurable to use. To sum up, in order to succeed, companies should bring their services to personal level and include customization option to their products. Big Data does not require user to fill an incident form as information automatically goes to support staff for further operations. Client incident prediction for problem management brings predictive analytics to the service desk, enabling proactive rather than reactive response to clients' problems.

Insight box

Big Data provides with new ways for consumer satisfaction. Game changes: wins the one who reads the client better.

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